Health and Wellness for Everyone

Need relief from sleep disorders, high blood pressure, hypertension, or pain from old or new injuries? We can help.

Educators and Caretakers are invited to become Certified Practice Leaders during our April 6 to April 8 training. Watch the video below to learn how last year's participants benefitted. Click HERE for more details. 


The Proof is in the Science

Our classes weave together a research-based combination of mindfulness meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong practices that relieve anxiety, boost your immune system, lower your heart rate and enhance your mood. You don't need experience or special skills to join us in learning how to care for yourself and transform your quality of life.

What Are Our Classes Like?

If you're new to holistic medicine, our free weekly classes are the perfect introduction. Participants tell us they enjoy the serenity of our 60-minute sessions, and don't feel pressured or strained beyond their comfort level. Come as you are, and we'll guide you on a fulfilling journey to wellness. Come by yourself or bring a friend. Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move. Prepare to experience the benefits of therapeutic Tai Chi and Qigong. Our sessions are as follows: 


  • 5 minute introduction
  • 10 minutes of mindfulness (seated breath practice)
  • 20 minutes Qigong (seated or standing)
  • 20 minutes Tai Chi (seated, standing, and walking)
  • 5 minute wind down/gratitude


 Deborah Pilloud 

 Valencia College Professor



Kevin is a highly competent and gifted instructor who is passionate about sharing the benefits of Tai Chi. His calming voice sets the tone for his practice sessions, enabling his students to feel relaxed, yet alert. 

We're in Your Neighborhood! Free Classes at 3 Convenient Locations:


Wednesday from 12 pm to 1 pm

Activity Center at JSA Medical Group

4614 East Michigan Street, Orlando, FL 32812


Friday from 10 am to 11 am

Activity Center at MetroHealth

10025 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32817


Tuesday from 8 pm to 9 pm

Activity Center at Wyndham Lakes Estates

14503 Wyndham Lakes Blvd, Orl, FL 32824

About Kevin Merrigan

Founder and Director of Therapeutic Tai Chi and Qigong

Kevin began studying Chinese Martial and Energy Arts in 1970. He has studied and taught Chinese Kenpo, Yang Tai Chi Long Form, Qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. A certified Level 3 Integral Qigong & Tai Chi Teacher, he completed over 260 hours of training. He has worked with the Orlando Veterans Administration Medical Center and La Amistad Foundation Lakewood Center, and launched Therapeutic Tai Chi and Qigong in 2012. Learn more about Kevin by clicking HERE.

Practicing qigong is so simple and so powerful. You cannot do it wrong. You can only do it good, better, or best. ~Chunyi Lin

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